Allie Fabiani: Post 2

As we had our first progress report due today, I thought I would share some our findings and conclusions.

Here is what we found out that matches the “Mosmann way”:

  • We had 61% women and 39% men respond, ages 19-23 years old with two outliers of 33 and 49 years old
  • For “what type of underwear do you wear the most?” 9% wear briefs and 51% wear boxer briefs
    – This is good because Mosmann underwear is briefs and boxer briefs
  • 81% of respondents find themselves fashionable- which follows the Mosmann target

We also found some things that do not match:

  • Only 61% wear solid bright colored underwear, which makes up a majority of Mosmann underwear
  • Respondents don’t spend more than $20 on underwear and aren’t willing to pay more
  • 49% respondents length of underwear is mid thigh, while Mosmann underwear is typically shorter

We hope to further our research through surveys about respondent’s lifestyles and shopping behaviors. Along with surveys we were considering going to department stores and talking to shoppers there.

For our target market we plan to begin by targeting the gay and metro sexual markets of the United States (particularly Miami, NY, LA and DC), other than that our target market is.  We are aiming at the 24 and older age demographic because they would be more willing/able to pay higher prices.

That’s all for now until we get some further research!


Allie Fabiani

Account Manager


Progress Report 1 — Mktg+Comm Objectives

Below are the preliminary marketing and communication objectives we will focus on in crafting our overall campaign strategy.


Marketing Objective

  • at least 1/3 of target segment consumers are aware of the brand – either by recall or recognition
  • at least 2/3 of target segment consumers have positive brand attitudes

Communications Objectives – in order of importance within the campaign

  1. brand awareness
  2. category need
  3. positive brand attitude
  4. brand purchase intention

Although all communication objectives will be addressed, the most critical is brand awareness. Brand awareness among US consumers, and especially among target segment consumers is very low. Mosmann’s products are great. People just need to find out about them.


– Jillian Blazek, Media Director

Our Survey!

Hey Everyone! We created a market research survey for the Mosmann brand and would greatly appreciate your feedback:)

Click Here!!

Thanks so much!

Allie Fabiani: Post 1

Hello! I’m just going to write a little bit about what we discussed during our classes Skype session with Chris from Mosmann, our client.  I am going to touch upon things that our group feels should be considered when creating our campaign.

One of the main ideas I took away with me after talking with Chris was whom he wanted as the brand’s target market. Mosmann wearers are men aged 18-30 years old.  These men know fashion and put a lot of time into what they look like. Mosmann underwear sells in the higher price range for underwear.  Chris noted that a lot of their customers are gay and metro sexual men.  As mentioned during the Skype session, Mosmann wants to stay a fashion conscious brand instead of moving into athletics or anything like that.  In the United States this may be little difficult because the younger set of men (college aged) do not necessarily spend that much on one pair of underwear. Also the bright colors and shortness of the underwear may not be of appeal to men in the United States.  We are currently creating a survey to figure out some of these issues/questions we came across.  The goal is to figure out what American men are looking for in their underwear and where Mosmann’s target market can be here.

Chris also mentioned about how they are want Mosmann to stand out from other brands.  They do this through their thick waistband.  Also they have a different, new fabric (that I can’t currently remember the name for) that creates a soft and comfortable feel.  We hope to use these two aspects of the underwear to our advantage when creating our campaign.  This will allow Mosmann to differentiate themselves from other American underwear brands.

With these beginning ideas in our minds we hope to get our survey out shortly and begin brainstorming more for our campaign!


Allie Fabiani

Account Manager

Jeff Mindell (Post 1)

After deliberating for a few days about what to throw up on here as my first bit of content to share with our class, Professor Heenan and the people at Mosmann, I decided to just discuss some ideas that I had after meeting with our class last week and the Skype session with our client.

First and foremost, I’m very excited to be working with such a cool client! It’s amazing that in my last semester as a college student, I am able to work with a real client on a real campaign. This is something I have always wanted to do.

In terms of ideas, I think that the two key components that we should be focusing on are messaging and brand awareness. Initially, I thought it might be fun and tongue-in-cheek to come up with a campaign that played into the Australian stereotype from an American POV, but after hearing from the client that they didn’t necessarily want the “Australian” stigma attached to the brand, I dropped that idea. I think our group did agree that whatever we needed to do, it needed to be bold and smart. The campaign needs to make a statement by way of a tagline, imagery in the ads, etc. We also want to stand out from the competitors however we can.

To leverage brand awareness, I think the online world is an untapped resource that Mosmann could potentially take advantage of. As I brought up in class last week, the company has a Twitter account, but it hasn’t been active since October 2010 and they only have a handful of followers. I would love it if our class was able to have access to the account so that we could try and improve the brand awareness for Mosmann. We also talked about reaching out to “influencers” or key people in the world of men’s fashion that either blog, write for magazines, or trade publications that might help us on the awareness front. Not only is word-of-mouth marketing utilized here, but it’s also free.

Other ideas that I had for the company were to look into sponsorships or partnerships. Basically, a way for Mosmann to take advantage of any and all kinds of cross-promotional opportunities. After some market research, we would be able to look into other companies or brands that represented the lifestyle of the Mosmann underwear customer and reach out to those people as to target exactly the right audience. (We tossed around a few ideas in our group meeting today and I’d love to see a few get off the ground!)

Until Next Week,

Jeff Mindell, Strategic Planner