About our team…

AufheBung Marketing is a student marketing group composed of American University seniors Jillian Blazek, Jeff Mindell, and Allie Fabiani. This semester we’re enrolled in Advanced Practicum in Advertising taught by Professor John Heenan. Our goal for this semester is to work with RP3 Agency to launch Mosmann, an Australian men’s underwear brand in US markets. This blog will act as an ongoing record of our ideas, questions, concerns, inspirations, interesting articles, and just about anything else that will help us with our project.


About our name…

“Aufhebung” is one of those untranslatable words, a lexical gap of English. “Aufhebung,” a German word, can be most readily understood as “signifying both the annulment and preservation, suggesting also the elevation of contraries in a synthesis, or third thing.” Hegel also speaks at length on the word, sometimes spelled as “aufheben.” Our version, however, is pronounced “off bung.” Feel free to put as silly of a German ascent to it as you wish.


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