Jeff Mindell: Post 4

Hello! I’m back to blogging this week. I decided not to write anything last week as I wasn’t able to make it to the market research “field trip” to the department stores, but am now looking forward to the weeks ahead!

I’ve really enjoyed the one-on-one sessions with Professor Heenan as he is able to chat with us about our progress as we start to shape our strategy going forward. Next week, Allie and I are presenting our Calvin Klein CIA report to the class and agency so that will be a big part of the work that I do this week. As I already know a lot about CK, being a consumer of men’s underwear, I look forward to researching the company in depth. I think it will also help us with a better understanding of how the competitor market is.

Today I found this great article discussing how CK is injecting it’s brand with this extremely clever interactive social media strategy and it really got my wheels turning. If we are able to come up with something that is as clever as that for the Mosmann brand, I’ll be ecstatic.

Another thing that I began to do was comment on a few popular men’s blogs on the internet, leaving a link to this blog and asking for feedback from consumers and industry professionals. So far, we have received some really insightful feedback!


Until next week,

Jeff Mindell, Strategic Planner


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