Allie Fabiani: Post 5

Hello again!

Looking at Mosmann underwear, it is obvious that they are going for an “in your face” presence. The underwear is very vibrant colors, thick waistband with large letters spelling Mosmann. From our research we have learned that a majority of consumers that would be interested in these specific products are gay and/or metrosexual males.  Follow the link below to find some examples of what I am talking about:

Specifically look at the bright blue ones, the ones with Mosmann written across the butt, purple ones, etc.

With this all being said, our group is thinking that we will just focus on the more subtle underwear. As seen on the above link, some of the best sellers are white (some with bright colors and others without). We will choose specific white, gray and black pairs that do not have bright colors on them and are not as “in your face”.  We feel that the stereotypical heterosexual U.S. male will be more opt the try the Mosmann underwear that are subtle.

While looking in department stores, we noticed that Calvin Klein, Polo, etc. all sell two to four main pairs of underwear. They do not have many options when looking through a Nordstroms (or another department store). The options are just what style of underwear (brief, boxer, boxer brief, etc.) you want, not different styles within one overall style.  With this being said, we feel that Mosmann should choose two or three main pairs that they feel will do best in the U.S. and concentrate on putting those in the big department stores.


Allie Fabiani

Account Manager


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