Allie Fabiani: Post 4


This past weekend Jill and I visited department stores in Friendship Heights to interview sales people and shoppers about their underwear and their underwear purchasing habits! It was definitely a little awkward at first, but the first female sales associate we spoke with was very helpful!

We started in Bloomingdales and this is what we found:

– Calvin Klein was the first brand seen on shelves and took up the most shelf space. Which makes sense as our helpful sales associates told us they sold the most.

– They also sold: Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Bloomingdales brand.

– They told us that the most popular sold colors are: white, grey, black and navy. The majority of shoppers purchasing colors are gay and metrosexual men.

– Male shoppers are curious how the underwear will fit them and if they will “ride up”

– The sales associates told us that men want underwear that they can visualize themselves in, are very comfortable and look like they have already been washed.

We also visited Saks and Neimen Marcus but they did not have big underwear departments. But we still spoke with sales associates there and got the same answers as at Bloomingdales.

With this new insight (and with some helpful insight from our professor) we have come to conclude that Mosmann’s bright, vibrant colored underwear may have some problem selling in the heterosexual mens market.  With that being said, we purpose that Mosmann do some adjusting to their product as to adjust to the US market.  But while doing this they should still be able to keep their style and image.

– Example: white underwear with bright royal blue stitching and/or writing Mosmann on the thick waistband

We are still working on this and hope to find some more market research through our surveys!

Along with learning more about our target market, we have also started brainstorming on ways to present Mosmann to the United States market and differentiate it from other brands already present here. Our one idea so far is to make the Mosmann brand adventurous. Now adventurous does NOT mean sports oriented. It could be any every day adventure: from starting college to going to a new club to a first date. We are still working with this idea!

That’s all for now, adios!

Allie Fabiani

Account Manager


One response

  1. Hi guys, I’m enjoying the blog and the articles. Looks like you’re unveiling a very unique concept! In regards to your “adventurous” idea – I don’t think this has an immediate relation with sports/working out. So I wouldn’t worry about a ‘false’ association. What I would do is take your idea of adventurous – and show – through product and your brand language how it is so. Bring the lifestyle of the “Mosmann Man” alive! As you’ve gathered from your surveys, underwear is a unique and personal kind of product – everyone will have their own likes and dislikes. You can’t cater to everyone -you already know that – and are narrowing in on your target. Show them how you have what they want. I’ve looked at the product specifics and you’re making a luxury product – that’s also obvious. You must show the customers that it is truly luxury. Many products have a label of luxury; but often it’s only a label. The unique flavor that you bring to the stores should in a way, show guys how Mosmann adds to a guys overall life – in more than one way. Also, I may have missed this but are you planning to open your own stores or only sell in high-end department stores?

    – Jesse

    February 17, 2011 at 6:04 pm

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