Jeff Mindell: Blog Post for Week Three

Week three! This week our group took the results that we got from our first survey and through email correspondence back and forth, we came up with questions for our next two surveys that will let us hone in on shopping and lifestyle habits of our target. In addition to that form of questioning, Jill and Allie will be visiting some high-end department stores this weekend (I’ll be in Miami until Sunday) with a pen, paper and flip cam to talk to real life consumers of luxury underwear as well the sales professionals at those respective stores. I look forward to seeing what kind of results they get as they get to talk to people one on one and the customers are able to pinpoint what they specifically like or don’t like about particular brands on the shelves.

When I was working for the company that I was with this past summer in Los Angeles, one of my tasks was to compile a list of fashion bloggers with contact information. Five pages later and I have a pretty extensive list of the who’s who in the fashion blogging world. This PDF I forwarded to the rest of my group and we will soon go through it to see if there are any men’s blogs that might be right up Mosmann’s alley. I stand by my feeling that we need to be reaching out to these online influencers as these opinion makers are often the voices that can make or break a brand.

Another great thing that we did this week was lay out a timeline for our group’s progress so that we stay on track. We felt that it was essential to stay organized as it’s easy to forget about the task at hand. I can’t wait until we can start thinking about the creative portion of this project and we are able to create mock-up advertisements and branding campaigns!

– Jeff Mindell, Strategic Planner


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