Jeff Mindell: Blog Post for Week Two

Week #2 is upon us! As Allie already mentioned, we put out an initial survey earlier in the week about the purchase habits of our sample. We got a nice amount of respondents and we are now working on our second survey that will hopefully help us and the Mosmann brand with some answers on how to effectively reach the target market.

Jill discussed the pros and cons of working with online coupon dealing companies such as Groupon and LivingSocial. We felt that it might be a great idea to do something like this as it will really elevate brand awareness, even if the company takes an initial monetary loss.

This week, it was my responsibility to write out our plan of action or our proposed marketing tactics. Our group realized that Mosmann is in an interesting position. They do not have to change any brand attitudes that consumers have toward the brand because they are not well-known here. Instead, we have the opportunity to introduce Mosmann as an elite upmarket brand and segment our target market at the same time. Our group’s plan of action is to have multiple channels on which we will reach out to our perspective customers. We plan on having sponsored events, making use of our social media platforms and reaching out to online “Influencers” on behalf of the brand, as well as doing deals with online promotional coupons through those respective companies mentioned above.

For one of the marketing tactics, we thought it would be a great idea to hold sponsored  events in four major cities across the U.S. that would have men in our target market. They would be New York, Miami, DC, and Los Angeles: all cities with affluent, urban consumers. For these events, we would want to see high-end hotels or lounges host Mosmann “launch” events. Servers would be sporting the latest Mosmann styles and there would be signage all over the venue. We think it would be a great idea to get a liquor sponsor as well. It would make sense to think about what drink their target market is drinking and what drink is fashionable and appealing to the Mosmann man. We would then reach out to that company and go from there. At these events, the guest list would be made up of fashion bloggers and media who would be there to cover the event for their respective cities. It would be an easy (and free) way to generate buzz for the brand right around the time that Mosmann is looking to break into the U.S. market.


– Jeff Mindell, Strategic Planner


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