Allie Fabiani: Post 2

As we had our first progress report due today, I thought I would share some our findings and conclusions.

Here is what we found out that matches the “Mosmann way”:

  • We had 61% women and 39% men respond, ages 19-23 years old with two outliers of 33 and 49 years old
  • For “what type of underwear do you wear the most?” 9% wear briefs and 51% wear boxer briefs
    – This is good because Mosmann underwear is briefs and boxer briefs
  • 81% of respondents find themselves fashionable- which follows the Mosmann target

We also found some things that do not match:

  • Only 61% wear solid bright colored underwear, which makes up a majority of Mosmann underwear
  • Respondents don’t spend more than $20 on underwear and aren’t willing to pay more
  • 49% respondents length of underwear is mid thigh, while Mosmann underwear is typically shorter

We hope to further our research through surveys about respondent’s lifestyles and shopping behaviors. Along with surveys we were considering going to department stores and talking to shoppers there.

For our target market we plan to begin by targeting the gay and metro sexual markets of the United States (particularly Miami, NY, LA and DC), other than that our target market is.  We are aiming at the 24 and older age demographic because they would be more willing/able to pay higher prices.

That’s all for now until we get some further research!


Allie Fabiani

Account Manager


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