Allie Fabiani: Post 1

Hello! I’m just going to write a little bit about what we discussed during our classes Skype session with Chris from Mosmann, our client.  I am going to touch upon things that our group feels should be considered when creating our campaign.

One of the main ideas I took away with me after talking with Chris was whom he wanted as the brand’s target market. Mosmann wearers are men aged 18-30 years old.  These men know fashion and put a lot of time into what they look like. Mosmann underwear sells in the higher price range for underwear.  Chris noted that a lot of their customers are gay and metro sexual men.  As mentioned during the Skype session, Mosmann wants to stay a fashion conscious brand instead of moving into athletics or anything like that.  In the United States this may be little difficult because the younger set of men (college aged) do not necessarily spend that much on one pair of underwear. Also the bright colors and shortness of the underwear may not be of appeal to men in the United States.  We are currently creating a survey to figure out some of these issues/questions we came across.  The goal is to figure out what American men are looking for in their underwear and where Mosmann’s target market can be here.

Chris also mentioned about how they are want Mosmann to stand out from other brands.  They do this through their thick waistband.  Also they have a different, new fabric (that I can’t currently remember the name for) that creates a soft and comfortable feel.  We hope to use these two aspects of the underwear to our advantage when creating our campaign.  This will allow Mosmann to differentiate themselves from other American underwear brands.

With these beginning ideas in our minds we hope to get our survey out shortly and begin brainstorming more for our campaign!


Allie Fabiani

Account Manager


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  1. John Heenan

    Some brands have entered the market first within the gay community and then moved toward metrosexual and urban. More recent trend research shows a move away from metro: We’ve seen a move away from metro-looking models to more macho, sports stars, athletes. You should consider the widest part of the market within the segmenting parameters of this product to find the broadest appeal and the greatest market opportunity.

    Remember that while the rational attributes of a product are important, style, waistband, colors, quality, its hard to differentiate on just those characteristics. You can get performance, leather seats, and sexy styling with BMW, Lexus, Audi, and Jaguar. How do you choose? What differentiates one from the other? Each takes the same rational benefits and adds emotional appeal. BMW is pure performance. Lexus is luxury. Audi is the new challenger while Jaguar is tradition.

    Keep going!

    January 30, 2011 at 8:26 pm

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